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Channeled Vibrational Essences

For your Abundance & Empowerment

By Astra

 Cobalt Blue Bottle

The ONE Expansion Essences connect you with your ABUNDANCE and PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT.

The essences come in 1-ounce cobalt blue dosage bottles.

Each essence is channeled individually to ensure that the energy is of the highest vibration.


Dosage: 3-4 drops, 3 times a day till bottle is gone. Drop the drops under your tongue or take in water, juice or tea.

Ingredients: Channeled vibrational energy, spring water and vodka as a preservative.


Orders ship out on Wednesdays & Fridays.



Plant Essences

Japanese Maple

Plants are here to connect us with the abundance of the Universe.

Here are the Plant Essences I have been guided to channel for you:

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Plant Essences


Animal Essences


Animals are here to show us our personal power.

Here are the Animal Essences I have been guided to channel for  you:

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Animal Essences


About ONE Expansion Essences

Empowerment Essences

Vibrational essences have traditionally been concocted since ancient times using the healing energy of plants – the Flora of earth.

Homeopathic doctor Edward Bach was the first practitioner to research the “flower remedies” scientifically, back in the day. He did so from 1917 (the year he was diagnosed with cancer, upon which he was given just 3 months to live) until his ACTUAL death 19 years later – in 1936!

Testing the essences on himself, he determined the mental and emotional imbalances that each plant, tree or blossom would help to correct. He then created a method of extracting the essence, or energetic imprint, of each member of the Flora family that he researched, and bottling the essence in liquid tincture form.

Dr. Bach started with 12 core essences, and eventually created 38 essences in all. These are now famously known across the planet as the Bach Flower Remedies! 

The healing from the essences kept him vital while he completed his life’s work.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Bach for bringing his method to the fore. His easily accessible remedies have made all the difference in so many lives, including my own – and his method has inspired many gifted individuals to create their own essences and essence companies across the globe!


The use of plant and flower energies in healing work actually dates back to ancient civilizations. For instance, Mayan shamans and medicine people used the healing essences and energies of many plants in their own healing work, channeling these energies and integrating them with the energy bodies of their “clients” to help bring wholeness to their souls.


In this lifetime I personally have been using flower essences for my own healing since 1993, when I was introduced to them by a wonderful couple who owned and ran the local health food store in my college town.

Soon after that, I discovered I had the ability to intuitively know what essence was needed by another person on their personal healing journey. I began “prescribing” essences for my loved ones in late 1993. Eventually, from 1995-1996, I was trained in energy healing and learned even more powerfully how to be a conduit for healing energy.

Fast forward to 2002: I began working in a natural health store where the owner was…drum roll, please…a flower essence practitioner (no coincidences, I always say!)! Therefore she stocked many flower essences and remedies from several companies across the planet. Well, we all know where my paychecks ended up! 🙂


In 2003, I enrolled in a certification program in flower essence therapy, and passed with flying colors. In 2004, I opened my very first healing practice – Twinflower Healing – as a certified flower essence therapist!

Within this same time period I made quite an interesting discovery. I realized I could channel Animal Totem energy into the essence formulas that I created for my clients.

Each time I was guided to channel an animal essence for a client, the experience was so amazing and powerful. I could feel it rocking my entire physical body. It was AWESOME!!

Fast forward: From 2005-2006 I ended up going through my shamanic training. This brought everything I was already doing with vibrational essences, animal channeling (read: shapeshifting) and my previous training in energy healing and clairvoyance all together under one umbrella.

Soon I discovered that I could channel ANY energy – plant, animal, gem, angel, element, number, etc. – into an essence formula when called for.

Over time, I have discovered that the plant and animal energies most powerfully connect us with our own empowerment as humans.

As a shaman, my purpose is to facilitate empowerment for my Tribe at the soul level.

The plant and animal essences that I channel bring you into connection with your empowerment – your happiness, health and wealth – as a soul in a human body here on Earth.


And now I am happy to introduce you to the ONE Expansion Empowerment Essences !